Homeopathy approached differently

This book has enhanced the understanding of homeopathy of so many people, in ways that they didn’t think was possible. Students and teachers alike have benefited greatly from it and given 5-star reviews.

See for yourself and download the first chapter for free!

What’s the difference between this book and most others? The difference lies in the way homeopathy is approached and taught.

Because, if homeopathy is indeed a holistic therapy, it needs to be taught holistically as well. The way the student experiences it must match the nature of the subject.

Enter: Imagine Homeopahy — a book of experiments, images and metaphors.

In this book I approach homeopathy from a different angle. Each chapter is devoted to a little experiment, or particular image, sometimes a colorful metaphor or analogy. And then we milk it for all it can teach us about homeopathy. All the dry and difficult to understand and retain subjects suddenly become colorful and easy to relate with. Miasms, suppression, how to use the repertory, what’s important when taking a case, and much more.

This book is not a self-help book. It will not tell you what remedy to use for your sore throat. For the student of homeopahty, it will provide a profound understanding of homeopathy, in a way that many thought impossible in such a short time. It will convey you the underpinning of what it takes to become a successful homeopath. Being a physicist, I also focus on the criticism from parts of the science community and provide effective counter arguments.

For the teacher and lecturer of homeopathy this book will prove a great resource and treasure trove of unconventional ideas and ways to teach so that your students will truly understand.

If you already have the book, I would really appreciate you post a brief review of it on Amazon or wherever you got it from. This would mean a lot to me.

And if not, here is a link to download the first chapter as a sample.

A German version is available as eBook, titled “Verstehen Sie Homöopathie”.


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I hate blurbing. Passionately.

I hate blurbing with a passion. But a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. See for yourself.

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