Chris was born in Austria and spent the first two decades of his life in a rather unremarkable way: growing up, going to school and graduating.

Things picked up in pace when he moved to Vienna.

TU Vienna

In order to get a proper job, Chris studied physics at the Technical University of Vienna.


At MIT in Boston, USA, Chris got his Ph.D. studying nuclear fusion as a potential energy source and worked as a research scientist on anti-matter plasmas at UCSD, San Diego.

Cambridge Physics Outlet, Inc.

He founded a company which produces hands-on science experiments for school kids and teaches them science in a novel and fun way.


A passionate pilot of his Arrowcopter, Chris is holder of the current speed world record in gyrocopters.


Currently, Chris is finishing his first fiction book, a thriller called The Pi-Effect.


When still in America, Chris studied homeopathy and wrote a completely different kind of textbook of homeopathy, available at Amazon.


Jazz music is Chris‘ passion. He studied Jazz saxophone at the conservatory in Vienna and played in several bands. Now he is an an avid listener and dabbler in songwriting.

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