Writing is a craft. No, wait, it’s an art! But, really, it is a personal calling. Isn’t it a business, though?

To be honest, I have no idea what writing is for you. For me it is first and foremost a personal journey: writing has changed me.

In this blog, the beginning writer will learn a lot about how to get started and avoid the pitfalls awaiting all blue-eyed, inexperienced apprentices of the goose quilt’s guild. Believe me, I know. I sampled almost every single pothole on the road. You’ll learn learn how to avoid them and get inspired by following the string of blogs in the „Writing“ category.

Life is all around you!

The joy and dangers of digging in your old computer backups. Particularly before Christmas. Listen to this!

Have yourself some good conflict!

There is one thing that I tended to shy away from, when I started writing. And I suspect that I’m not the only one. In doing so, I deprived myself of a wonderfully creative instrument to advance the plot as well as the development of my characters: CONFLICT!!! Conflict is great! Conflict is cleansing! And…

Wird geladen …

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