My father was a hobby photographer. He had access to a Hasselblad camera using 6×6 medium format film rolls. It was bulky and it was a hassle (no pun intended) to change film. But, boy, did it make gorgeous photos!

I got into photography when digital cameras made it easy to shoot lots of pics at no extra cost and weed out the chaff later. Click 50 times and keep the one that you like. Not reasonable with film, but no problem with digital photography.

My favorite motif is landscapes. But I am working on expanding my eye beyond that. Not there yet but definitely on the move.

Please respect that all images shown are copyrighted and may not be downloaded or used for any purpose except by prior permission.

The Lay of the Land

Landscapes are nature in nudity to my eye. And particularly in fall, when trees undress. Or at night, when a mystically alluring light descends like a veil. Oh my god, what language! You better make up your own mind about these images.

All things „pi“

This is a collection of images which go along with the book I’m writing called „The Pi-Effect“. The number pi is a universal mathematical constant linking the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It is also an irrational number, in that its string of decimal digits is infinite and never repeating. So I set out to shoot round or circular things, which embody the number pi.