Writing is driven by a need to share paired with the desire to get under the reader’s skin. But it comes at a price: the story-teller has to bare himself and become vulnerable to his audience. Good stories transform blood, sweat and tears to ink and back again.

You, dear visitor, now are faced with a choice: you can read about my journey and experiences as an author, or delve into one of my two books (The Pi-Effect or Imagine Homeopathy) to find out how they came into being. I can promise you one thing: I will be honest and not deceive you, whatever your choice.

The Process
of writing

Are you thinking about writing? Are you a writer already? Or just curious? This is for you, then.


Thriller, page turner, adventure. Remind you of Dan Brown? You can have it here!


Homeopathy explained differently, imaginatively. In a way you haven’t seen before.