Water is so intimately connected with our existence and life in general that scientists use it as a key marker to detect life on other far away planets. We all know that life on earth originated in our primordial oceans. But where did the water in the oceans come from in the first place? Did you know that right now, every second, there is interstellar water raining down on us? Do you think extraterrestrial life is necessarily linked to the existence of water?

H2O is pretty juicy stuff when you look at it scientifically. It sports a total of 63 unexpected properties, which scientists call „anomalies“. My favorite one is named after an observant school boy in Tanzania: the Mpemba effect. It has to do with the fastest way to make ice cream. (If you want to learn about the absolute fastest way to make delicious ice cream, follow this link.)

Water also lies at the heart of how homeopathic remedies are made. It is the point upon which attempts of a scientific explanation of homeopathy hinge. A Japanese author, Masaru Emoto, even attempted to link the shape of ice crystals to particular remedies. Are we right to pursue this line of investigation?

And lastly, there are many water-remedies, i.e., remedies that have water as their original source, in use in homeopathy36 at last call. Some of them attained quite a reputation early on in homeopathy but unfortunately fell into oblivion in recent times. Want to see a list of all them together with their origin?

If any of this piques your interest, I have just the thing for you. Simply follow this link and download this article I wrote for the Homœopathic Links magazin a while back (reprinted here with permission).

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