Braving the current flu wave.

The winter season of 2019/2020 has been challenging in terms of the flu epidemic and increased incidence of flu-like infections. It didn’t help that the Corona virus hype and associated misinformation scared a lot of people unnecessarily.

In my book Imagine Homeopathy you will find many resources which will explain how epidemic diseases such as flu or Coronavirus may be approached using homeopathy. Check it out, you won’t regret it!

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting under a gorgeous blue sky in a little town near Vienna, Austria. It’s a mild 15 °C outside and some people are taking their coffee sitting outside in the sun. Difficult to imagine what the situation was only a few weeks ago: the phone ringing constantly with people calling and asking for advice. They generally had fever, were weak and exhausted, had a cough or upset bowels. Mostly it was moms calling for their kids and, once they got better, calling for themselves. In a few cases of single moms in the middle of nowhere it was heart wrenching.

In several cases lab tests confirmed Influenza A H1N1, but most didn’t have a lab test. Fortunately, for homeopathy the name of the disease is irrelevant. What matters is the symptoms of the patient. And those came in several variants, each of which corresponding to a specific homeopathic remedy. Giving the appropriate remedy usually aborted the usual progression of the disease and resulted in happy children and moms within about 12 hours to 2 days. Left untreated, the flu would usually sort itself out over 7-12 days, so homeopathy did significantly foreshorten the illness and resulted in a convalescence with no sequelae or relapses.

If you suspect you are sick, please consult a physician and/or trained homeopath. The information on this site is not meant for self-treatment.

Here are the most important remedies I found which covered about 80% of flu cases:


Dominated by a debilitating headache and extreme weakness, accompanied by a mid-range fever that isn’t pushing past 39°C (102 °F). Cough isn’t all that prominent, but may be present anyway.


Distinguishing for Belladonna is a high fever which often leads to hallucinations, particularly in children. Notably absent is perspiration. The headache can be very similar to Gelsemium, but the fever and associated complaints help to differentiate between them.

Eupatorium perfoliatum

Another classic flu remedy that can be easily detected by its well-known muscle aches and body pains. For it to be indicated, however, those need to be strongly expressed by the patient.


Weakness and chilliness often in combination with gastric complaints like diarrhea. Note also that the patient may seem weak yet restless, maybe even anxious.

Some remedies that I tried but didn’t have much luck with in that particular epidemic were Aconitum, Sulphur, Nux vomica.

If you’re a homeopath I’d be interested to learn your experiences with this flu wave. And if you’re not, maybe you had the flu yourself and want to share what helped you?

One thought

  1. I am both : MD / homoeopath and was patient myself 😥
    The debilitating headache (though less weakness than I would have expected) led to Gelsemium which I took in C200 once. It helped tremendously!
    Some 1 or 2 days prior to this I tossed and turned a full night with muscle-ache and body pain to an unusually high degree (I do suffer from cervikal syndrome and lumbago due to dp and a nasty sacroileitis that I had months ago), I competely forgot that I could have taken a homoeopathic remedy, though. I took NSAR which helped, but I would have liked to try differently. Well, I do hope I won‘t get another chance soo.


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