This is the one section on my site that I kinda feel I need to pull rank because a lot of people seem to close their shutters when it comes to homeopathy: I have a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from M.I.T. and I worked years as a research scientist. A critical mind is something I was trained to have because otherwise you wouldn’t last a minute in this highly competitive environment. Unfortunately, there are few people I know who are both: knowledgeable physicists with a profound understanding of homeopathy. They come in either one or the other flavor. Which makes a fruitful discussion difficult.

As so many, I came in touch with homeopathy through someone close to me, and I tackled it like any another science problem: looking for data, gathering first-hand experience and talking to knowledgeable people in the field. After some time I looked at what I had gathered and formed my own conclusion based on all available input.

If what I’ve said so far scares you, you would rather only read something written by someone who is guaranteed to share your views, and you’d rather not be challenged in your safe and comfy world (be that as a militant skeptic slamming homeopathy or a died-in-the-wool homeopathic believer who thinks homeopathy will cure every disease and singlehandedly bring happiness to the world) then you’d better stop right here. I can’t vouch for your emotional equilibrium either way.

But if you have an open mind, are filled with curiosity rather than pre-packaged believes then you’re the right person to read on.


Water is the stuff life is made of. But that’s only the beginning. Learn more here!

Braving the current flu wave.

The flu wave is crashing upon us. What can homeopathy offer? Read the experiences of someone fighting at the front.


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